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There is none righteous, no, not one. (Rom 3:10)

Faith in Injustice
by RJ Rushdoony

“There is a marked tendency on the part of modern man to be an injustice collector. Every occurrence of injustice is noted with triumph by such people, and they are always ready to give anyone a long list of the injustices around them.

They believe life is a loaded deck, a raw deal, a sure defeat, or a senseless mess, because such a faith is their vindication. Roger Price has observed of such a person that he ‘believes in injustice, because in an unjust world he cannot be held responsible for his failure as a person.’

Scripture makes it clear that justice governs the world…In any age, our problems are a result of sin, and the solution is faith and obedience.

This, man the sinner will not accept. Rather than believing in God, he prefers to believe that injustice rules the universe. To accept the government of God means for man to acknowledge that he is a sinner, and that he must submit to Almighty God as his only way of salvation. It means acknowledging his own injustice and sin, and God’s justice and righteousness.

This the sinner will not do. He chooses to believe in injustice rather than God, because by this perverse faith he justifies himself…He will with religious fervor recite the sins of the world, but not his own sins. His catalog of injustices is his way of self-justification. It excuses his irresponsibility and his sin.
Beware lest he infect you…

God alone rules the universe, and all His ways are righteous.

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  1. That is a powerful realization. Not many get past that stage and from time to time don’t we all see the injustices of the world. Like why some older people live longer, still retain all their mental capabilities, are able to walk about without canes, wheel chairs, etc. Or how the government is unjust to people of one color over another. The list could go on. One thing we fail to realize is those worse off than us and we should be thankful that “but there, for the Grace of God, go I”. We talk the talk of God is in control and yet point out how out of control the world is. If it is out of control then sin abounds. Be thankful and be in prayer.

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