Advent 2021 – Discovering Love – Nov. 30 Edition

On Nov. 28, the first day of Advent, I started reading and learning about it. By the next day my heart was speaking what I wrote about here yesterday and I was reading devotionals and other Advent readings. Today I have decided on two devotionals I will follow through the season. These are just my daily starting point in my daily reading in addition to the further immersion in my search to understand God’s love for me, and I will continue to share what I am doing each day for those who may want to follow along.

The first devotional I am doing is from; I have had to catch up from Sunday. It seems to be easier reading. The second devotional starts tomorrow and is a 25-day Advent Devotional from Telling The Truth. These are different but I hope complement each other.

Today I am working through a meaty blog post from 2011, Not Just Loving Jesus. IN LOVE With Jesus by Pastor James Hein.

Also starting a new study on the gospel of John (again – I’ve done many studies through the years already), using this Servants Of The Word page as my guide but not my only source; I tend to use such a starting point when I study, and then look up further resources on that day’s passage, in my daily Bible reading and studies. (This site also has Advent podcasts.) Though this is an ecumenical ministry specifically for/to celibate men, studies seem to be appropriately general and Bible-based.

I may also do minor Advent 2021 updates in My Latest News & Updates in addition to daily update posts.

And now, back to Pastor Hein’s blog…


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