Advent 2021 – Discovering Love – Dec.1 Edition

First, I am sharing below an Advent calendar for daily Scripture readings; I downloaded this from And yes, I know it started on Nov. 28, but I’m late to the party. Use it or not, but this is what I will be using.
Today’s reading is John 8:12 – Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

Second, here are links to the 2 Advent readings for today, for those who are following along with me:
Crosswalk – The Thrill of Hope
Meet Him At The Manger – What Advent Is All About

IN ADDITION… I had other things in mind to mention…in no particular order…

…I’ve been planning to post a daily music video on Dec. 1-25th. In the end what I decided to do is create a page for them, and I will add a new video each day to that same page; there is a link to that page in the header that appears at the top of each of my posts. I don’t know how to make the page send out notices to email subscribers (I don’t even know who you are hahaha!) and social platforms so just letting you know until – IF – I figure that part out; is the direct link to that page.

…I am now “mirroring” – although not exactly – my blogs on Savior Connect! I am posting all blog posts there but since their blogging facility doesn’t have all the tools that WordPress has, it isn’t exactly the same. But the content is there and, where applicable, a link to the original posts. (And, if you didn’t know, all of my vlogs are posted there as well, plus on GabTV and Rumble! In fact, the videos you see here are actually being played from one of those sites!)

I THINK that’s all I was going to say…if I forgot something I’ll write it tomorrow!

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