About Today’s Tuesday Titters

My tablet, upon which I keep all files and everything else related to my blog, as well as all social media stuff, crashed today. I lost everything. So I have been trying to rebuild everything from scratch. All day. Oh, and did I mention that I have a bug of some sort? (No, not THAT bug!) I’ve gotten it a couple of times a year for many years, same thing, just runs its course and goes away as bugs do… Anyway, I hope to have things going well enough for Wednesday Wags tomorrow but for today, well, sorry guys.

4 thoughts on “About Today’s Tuesday Titters

  1. Praying you get rid of the bug soon. Don’t like you being ‘buggy’. Just one of those things where I want to help but know the only help I can give is to make you some chicken soup and of course pray.

  2. It seemed like something hasn’t been right with you lately – thankful it isn’t anything more than the usual bug, though that’s pretty miserable. Get well soon!! <3

    1. I do seem to get this thing 2-3 times/year, and have for many years. Stupid thing…anyway, I know what it is and I know that this too shall pass! xoxoxoxo

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