A Special Sunday Testimony (shared with permission)

A beautiful sister on Savior Connect testified this morning about her life, and I “just happened” (whenever I say “just happened” I chuckle to myself because NOTHING “just happens” in the life of God’s children!) to turn on my phone and read it before I was even out of bed. These words of peace in Jesus will be with me for a long time!

I felt in my heart to share this testimony with everyone for the glory of my Lord Jesus Christ and Savior. Last month , January 17, my husband had the Covid-19 which is a flu symptoms. Within two weeks he was healed by dr. Jesus. God also protected, me and everyone else in the house and no one else had it. My husband did not quarantine himself, but I told Him Jesus Christ is the author of life. God gave me peace in my heart, and I just prayed the word of God . The devil can’t kill anyone that God wants to keep alive. If someone dies from Covid it means their journey is over. God knows when it’s time for a person to die, and the devil can’t kill a child of God. By the grace of God I have never been hospitalized,unless given birth to my children. The Lord Jesus Christ has blessed me with good health, and so much more. I thank the Lord for that, and sharing this testimony to encourage others to stay strong in the Lord. The devil is doing a good job by using the media to scare the people in the world concerning the Covid If you are a true authentic believers in Christ Jesus. You should not live in fear like the unbelievers, because they don’t belong to Jesus Christ. It’s dying without Jesus Christ will send people to hell. No one in my family will never take this demonic vaccine. My body is the temple of the Lord. I m not afraid of death or sickness nothing, Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior. The devil can’t do nothing to me without God’s permission.when my journey is over, the Lord Jesus Christ will take me home. John 12;25 anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

When I commented on her post she replied, “To God be the glory and feel free to share it with others because too many professing Christians are living in fear. They allowed the voices that are in the world dominated , them more than the word of God. The key is to put our trust in Jesus Christ only.”

I hope that you are as blessed by this as I am!

2 thoughts on “A Special Sunday Testimony (shared with permission)

  1. Amen and amen! Great testimony. Thanks for sharing this. I heard a preacher say, “too many Christians are asleep and it is up to us to be their alarm clocks”.

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