A Sandwich Discussion…REALLY???

You may or may not notice that today’s graphic on my main page is much different than usual. That is because, in trying to generate interest, I’m doing something this week to draw some attention – I’m having a contest! It is my first…and here’s the deal:

You have until midnight my time (UTC -4) Friday 4/16 to enter. Enter by posting your response to the Sandwich Debate on this blog’s home page . On Saturday 4/17 before 3:00 p.m. my time I will randomly select a winner using the miniwebtool and will post it in the chat on the same page along with a screenshot. Send me (email link to the right of the title) your contact information (full name, email address, and phone number) within 24 hours and…

Oh wait, what will you win, you might ask? You will win a $50 online gift certificate to the site of your choosing*! That will be arranged by email after you contact me.

One vote only, please; I am a trusting sort but I have ways of knowing BWAHAHA!

I’m truly excited to see which side of the sandwich debate you guys will choose! Any questions, leave them in the chat or email…this is my first contest so I may have forgotten something, let me know if I did!

*I don’t do nasty or vulgar or profane sites, and if you don’t know – or plan to pretend you don’t know – what I mean by that, don’t enter.


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