A Maisie Memo – July 8, 2022

After we got home from our errands today I needed to take multiple pain meds – something I rarely do – and of course I fell asleep where I sat.

After Pete takes Chuy to Junior (Chuy is “his” little dog, Junior is our travel trailer acrosss the driveway which he uses as his ham shack N8HIS) and they come back, Chuy often…nay, usually…takes off after a squirrel or a bunny or a turkey and does his terrier thing while Pete tries to entice him back to the motorhome. So recently when I see or hear them leave Junior I get a high-value treat ready and as Chuy is coming across the driveway I start saying in an excited voice, “Chuy’s coming home! There’s Chuy! C’mon Chuy!” to help entice/train him to come straight across.

So in my deep sleep on the davenport today I felt something strange…it was waking me up, and I realized it was Maisie licking my arm! She has NEVER done that before, and I was so surprised…then I hear Pete’s voice outside, “Come on Chuy, let’s go see Mom! Mom’s waiting for you!”

Amazing Maisie!

Still half-asleep I reached up and grabbed the treats and started playing my part. Pete opened the door and Chuy ran in to me for his treat, like always. Because of Maisie.

2 thoughts on “A Maisie Memo – July 8, 2022

  1. Just plain aMaisin!!!!! She’s so good! Sure surpasses anything I thought she’d ever do beyond ‘greeting’ people at the door (where’s that water bottle?)!

    1. Yes she definitely is a greeter…we have new neighbors across the lane and she LOVES them! They stopped by yesterday and she wanted to go through the screen. They’re a cute young couple and we couldn’t be happier they’re there – but apparently not as happy as Maisie hahaha!

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