Blog Roll

Yeah, I know, nobody does blog rolls anymore…but I don’t know of a better way to share some of my favorite bloggers with you guys. So I’m making my own. Very basic, but gets the job done. I’m only including those who have been active in the last 3 months; inactive bloggers lose my attention real quick anyway (though a very select few stay on my rss feed…just in case). I will try to keep up with changes to this list in a timely manner…”try” being the operative word here.

Alison is someone I met on Mastodon and is a new blogger; so far so good!

‘This is good and pleases God our Savior.’

Engineer, Speaker, Writer, Teacher

Full-time Clark Kent. Moonlighting Superman.

Suzanne Urban is a Christian and an author.

Where grace abounds

Religious sites often have a statement of faith…We prefer to stick with the Bible.

Another new blogger that I met on Mastodon. Very interesting!

This page is called I’m His Miracle because that is exactly what I am…I should have died on July 21, 2012…

There is no other name but Jesus whereby we must be saved…be encouraged by what you read.

Things I think about, stuff I use.

Meeting the Miraculous in the Mundane

I met Kris, who lives in Switzerland, on Mastodon and he posts some photos & music and other things.

We Will Take the Word of God into All the Nations, and Proclaim that He Is Lord!

R.L.Dane is a human being living in Texas. He’s sincerely sorry and hopes you don’t hold that against him.

Sharing wholeness & hope, heavily salted. Loves Jesus, drinks coffee, stays up too late.

Every family has a story . . . welcome to ours!

Insights from a husband, father, author, apologist, and theologian.

Just trying to make it.

Redeemed by God through surrender to Christ.

“Objects in history may be closer than they appear” – Eeyore for Vlad

Walk with me on my travels and morning devotions.