Way To Go, Maisie!!!

As my latest chat explains – well, you can read it there, no sense typing it all again – so in the aftermath I lost my phone. As I was looking in the obvious places I of course told Maisie “find my phone” so she was looking too – with her nose. She sniffed her way onto the bed, where I had a pile of stuff that I’d moved out of the way which was then covered by the covers. But her nose kept poking at that pile while I was saying, “It can’t be there, Maisie!” Then she took a paw and gently started moving bedclothes to the side and used her nose to burrow down beneath the pile of stuff, and there at the bottom was my phone!

Maisie usually uses both her nose and her eyes to find whatever I’ve misplaced but this is the first time she’s only used her nose, that I’ve seen at least. It astonished me how her nose got her to the phone just about as fast as I’ve have gotten to it if I’d seen it!

Once again, Maisie Dotes blows me away!

This is Maisie’s “Awww, Mom, ’tweren’t nothin’!” face

5 thoughts on “Way To Go, Maisie!!!

  1. She is highly intelligent (so are her children). She amazes me too. The best I can get from Chuy is two poops and hugs and a tail that wags so fast when he sees me = these amaze me too. We both have been blessed

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