VIDEO – Our Christmas Day – Vlog #2084

This includes some video and slides of our day at Bill and Casey’s on Christmas Day!

This video is also available on my Rumble account, my GabTV channel, and Savior Connect.

6 thoughts on “VIDEO – Our Christmas Day – Vlog #2084

  1. I don’t think there was any disappointment in any of the family’s faces. Bill got something he had wanted… an EXCELLENT harmonica that actually was 2 in one – one side was key of C and the other when flipped over was key of G. He got a crossbow with a fantastic sight, too.
    Everyone was happy or should I say very happy with the gifts they got. (Me, included). Thank you Annette, Bill, Casey, Leelan, Lyra and Luna.

    1. It was a lot of fun! Grandkids are the BEST aren’t they❣️ Hope all is well with you and Mike and Pete said Grace is getting married?!? (It’s been a while…has it happened yet?) I can’t believe how fast time goes by anymore! All my best to you guys❣️

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