Sisters Take A Trip – Day 1

My sister had some business to do in Kentucky this week so she invited me to come along. We always have a great time together.

My scwalker, incognito

We have a beautiful big room with more space than some tiny houses I’ve seen!

We got some fantastic chicken dinners at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers; this was on the side of their building.

I will be posting vlogs for each day this week, if you’re interested in seeing more, today’s vlog is at .

4 thoughts on “Sisters Take A Trip – Day 1

  1. That is one luxurious room…like WOW! Your scwalker looks dressed-up for the occasion. Is your sister an attorney? Driving through big cities…scary…but you do and often enough. Enjoyed the pictures.

    1. HA! I just thought it was fun to have my scwalker wear my sunglasses :). Gwen is a therapist, after her kids were mostly grown she went back to school. I’m always telling her, “Don’t shrink me!” LOL! She is so much fun… Wow, good for you getting so much done! I hope that you get a good rest to catch up with yourself now! And yes, this is huge room, plenty of room to get around on my scwalker which really helps with my pain levels! Can’t do that at home, I figured out that we have more square feet in this room than Pete and I do in the RV!

  2. Thats sounds like fun being with your sister Gwen….that was nice of her to invite you to come along…..The hotel room looks beautiful….I saw a Raising Cane where I went but didn’t get to try it out….have a wonderful time with Gwen…..xoxo….Debbie

    1. Gwen and I always have a great time together, we went to Minnesota together a long time ago and that was a blast too. Now that she’ll be moving so far away I guess this might be our last “sister’s trip”… So we’re making the most of it :). I’m along for the ride but also to help, read maps, find addresses, answer the phone when she’s driving, and stuff like that. I just wish she had a van or Suburban so we didn’t have to keep dismantling/folding up my scwalker everywhere we go…anyway, it’s all good. And I loved that Raising Cane chicken, if you see it again you should try it – excellent! love you!

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