Friday Fotos (😅) Dec. 3, 2021

OK, I’m not sure if Friday “Fotos” will be a thing or not. But I had a few to share from this week, and today is Friday, so…

First are some pics of wildlife you can scroll through. These are taken through my window, as usual, hence the quality takes a bit of a hit. But they’re adequate to share, I think.

One day I decided to take some selfies of Maisie’n’Me.

One of the things Maisie does for me:

Where I sit at the top of the bed I have a cupboard over my head. The door opens upward (hinged at the top) and I keep a basket just inside the door, where I can reach it, with some of my “stuff” in it. To open the door I hook my back scratcher into the handle and push it up. Then when I’m done accessing my “stuff” Maisie will grab my back scratcher, pull the door back down, unhook the stick, and hand it to me.

Whenever she sees me open the door, in fact, she takes her position and sits down, waiting for me to give the word that it’s go time HAHAHA! She loves her job!

I just thought this was a cute picture of the dogs on the bed with me…

Thanks for lookin’!

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