Elliot the Meyers Parrot Is A Winner!

Hi guys…in going through my downloaded FB files I found a photo that I’ve been looking for for a long time. About 10 years ago I listened to a morning radio show every day, and at one point they had a contest for people to send in their favorite morning pictures. Winners would be included in a slideshow that was put to their theme song. This is the photo I submitted, and it made the cut! ( video of all the winners)

This is my Meyer’s parrot Elliot. He will be 22 at the end of this month, I’ve had him since he was 366 days old, and I was his 4th owner. He is as soft as mouse fur…but good luck getting him to let you feel it LOL! He lets me touch (and cuddle, and play with, and do almost anything with) him, and my daughter. Pete was finally allowed to touch him through the cage bars earlier this year!

And this is the mug that I won!

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