Adorable Animality

A place where I share the short critter-vids that delight, amuse, and melt me! New content will be added as I run across it in my social strolls online.

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2 thoughts on “Adorable Animality

  1. ALL really cute, but the pretty bird watching the toy chicken, then trying to get it to ‘go’ again once the toy had stopped…was especially cute & fascinating. Thanks for sharing…and hope the arm splint continues to stabilize your sore arm enough for healing to transpire. Love…

    1. I also thought that one was precious! If I ever got another bird – which is not in the plan – it would have to be a cockatiel. They are so smart and sweet, and wear a perpetual smile like dolphins do.

      I will, I think, have to bite the bullet and have my arm seen. For quite a few reasons. But not thinking it is an emergency. And maybe I will be surprised, and God will intervene and save me the trouble! 🤗🌹❤️

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