A Day In The Life…Oct. 10, 2020

The last few days I’ve been unable to go out at all but today was so beautiful AND supposed to be the last nice sunny warm day for a while – until spring? – so I was determined to get out there one way or another…and I did it. Following are some photos I took of the yard, and the area. (I also did a vlog today, that shows some of the parts of our leased lot that I don’t normally show – here is the link to that which won’t likely finish uploading until tomorrow morning, usually I have to let them upload overnight.)

First is a slide show of the photos, then I have a few extras I will add at the end.

[metaslider id=”1933″]

This is my setup with my tablet and my cup of coffee. (Yes, it says tea…I use it for that too!)

Maisie always loves to be outside too!

Pete is the one that fills the feeding station, and the birds respond to his voice. He talks to them the whole time he’s filling the various sections, and they gather around.

Running along behind those trees in back of our motorhome and “Junior” is the river, as well as more of the lot we’re on. I did a video clip that shows that area in detail and will post that video at the end of this post once it is done uploading to YouTube, tomorrow.

After we came in for the evening…isn’t she gorgeous??? I don’t know what I’d do without this dog!

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