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I THINK everything is finally coming together – between having the grands here (FUN TIMES!) and having spotty and extremely slow internet access over this past week or so, it has been very difficult to work on. I have been working with the support folks that hosts my sites, and the developer of the main plugin that is still not working properly which is the chat plugin. There ARE other chats out there that I could use, of course, but (a) I already paid for this one, and (b) I really don’t want to have to learn how to run a different one! As long as I have internet access, and as long as my brain can manage it, I will keep working until it is back up to snuff. I’ve also streamlined things a bit, removing some plugins (apps) that weren’t really doing much for me or for the site – fewer “moving parts” should mean fewer potential problems, right? Anything else that’s going on, that I would typically be sharing in my News & Updates, I don’t really want to share in this spot…BUT I am hoping everything will be working within the next day or 2…watch this space!

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